Films 1930s-1950s

This page contains links to all the films I have reviewed from between 1930 to 1959. Take a browse!


Wings - director William A Wellman (US)


All Quiet on the Western Front - director Lewis Milestone (US)
Morocco - director Josef von Sternberg (US)


Cimarron - director Wesley Ruggles (US)
The Public Enemy - director William A. Wellman (US)


Blonde Venus - director Josef von Sternberg (US)
Grand Hotel - director Edmund Goulding (US)
Scarface - director Howard Hawks (US)
Shanghai Express - director Josef von Sternberg (US)


Cavalcade - director Frank Lloyd (US)
King Kong - director Melville C Cooper, Ernest B Schoedsack


It Happened One Night - director Frank Capra (US)
The Scarlet Empress - director Josef von Sternberg (US)


David Copperfield - director George Cukor (US)
The Devil is a Woman - director Josef von Sternberg (US)
Mutiny on the Bounty - director Frank Lloyd (US)
Ruggles of Red Gap - director Leo McCarey (US)
Top Hat - director Mark Sandrich (US)


The Great Ziegfeld - director Robert Z Leonard (US)
My Man Godfrey - director Gregory La Cava (US)
Rembrandt - director Alexander Korda (UK)


The Awful Truth - director Leo McCarey (US)
The Life of Emile Zola - director William Dieterle (US)


The Adventures of Robin Hood - director William Keighley, Michael Curtiz (US)
Angels with Dirty Faces - director Michael Curtiz (US) 
The Lady Vanishes - director Alfred Hitchcock (UK)
Pygmalion - director Anthony Asquith, Leslie Howard (UK)
Quai des Brumes - director Marcel Carné (France)


The Four Feathers - director Zoltan Korda (UK)
Goodbye Mr Chips - director Sam Wood (UK)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - director William Dieterle (US)
Mr Smith Goes to Washington - director Frank Capra (US)
Young Mr Lincoln - director John Ford (US)


His Girl Friday - director Howard Hawks (US)
The Letter - director William Wyler (US) 
Foreign Correspondent - director Alfred Hitckcock (US)
The Philadelphia Story - director George Cukor (US)
Pride and Prejudice - director Robert Z. Leonard (US)
The Westerner - director William Wyler (US)


Citizen Kane - director Orson Welles (US)
How Green Was My Valley - director John Ford (US)
Here Comes Mr Jordan - director Alexander Hall (US) 
The Lady Eve - director Preston Sturges (US)
Rebecca - director Alfred Hitchcock (US)
Sullivan's Travels - director Preston Sturges (US)
Suspicion - director Alfred Hitchcock (US) 


In Which We Serve - director Noël Coward, David Lean (UK)
The Magnificent Ambersons - director Orson Welles (US)
Mrs Miniver - director William Wyler (US)  
Yankee Doodle Dandy - director Michael Curtiz (US)


Hangman Also Die! - director Fritz Lang (US)
The Ox Bow Incident - director William A. Wellman (US)
Sherlock Holmes in Washington - director Roy William Neill (US)
The Song of Bernadette - director Henry King (US)


Double Indemnity - director Billy Wilder (US)
Gaslight - director George Cukor (US)
Going My Way - director Leo McCarey (US)
Henry V - director Laurence Olivier (UK)
Laura - director Otto Preminger (US)
Lifeboat - director Alfred Hitchcock (US)
Ministry of Fear - director Fritz Lang (US)


Brief Encounter - director David Lean (UK)
Les Enfants du Paradis - director Marcel Carné (Fr)
I Know Where I'm Going! - director Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (UK)
The Lost Weekend - director, Billy Wilder (US)
Mildred Pierce - director Michael Curtiz (US)


The Best Years of Our Lives - director William Wyler (US)
Great Expectations - director David Lean (UK)
It's a Wonderful Life - director Frank Capra (US)
The Killers - director Robert Siodmark (US)
My Darling Clementine - director John Ford (US)


Black Narcissus - director Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (UK) 
Gentleman's Agreement - director Elia Kazan (US)
Odd Man Out - director Carol Reed (UK)
They Made Me a Fugitive - director Alberto Cavalcanti (UK)


Bicycle Thieves - director Vittorio de Sica (Italy)
Fort Apache - director John Ford (US) 
Hamlet - director Laurence Olivier (UK)
Joan of Arc - director Victor Fleming (US)
Red River - director Howard Hawks (US)
Scott of the Antarctic - director Charles Frend (UK)
The Snake Pit - director Anatole Litvak (US)
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - director John Huston (US)


Adam's Rib - director George Cukor (US)
All the King's Men - director Robert Rossen (US)
A Letter to Three Wives - director Joseph L. Mankiewicz (US)
The Reckless Moment - director Max Ophuls (US)
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - director John Ford (US)
The Third Man - director Carol Reed (UK/US)
Twelve O'Clock High - director Henry King (US)  
White Heat - director Raoul Walsh (US)


All About Eve - director Joseph L Mankiewicz(US)
Born Yesterday - director George Cukor (US)
In a Lonely Place - director Nicholas Ray (US)
Orphee - director Jean Cocteau (France)
Panic in the Streets - director Elia Kazan (US) 
Rashomon - director Akira Kurosawa (Japan)
Rio Grande - director John Ford (US)
Sunset Boulevard - director Billy Wilder (US)


Ace in the Hole - director Billy Wilder (US)
The African Queen - director John Huston (US)
The Desert Fox - director Henry Hathaway (US)
Quo Vadis - director Mervyn LeRoy (US) 


The Greatest Show on Earth - director Cecil B DeMille (US)
High Noon - director Fred Zinnemann (US)  
Ivanhoe - director Richard Thorpe (US) 
Moulin Rouge - director John Huston (US) 
Singin' in the Rain - director Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly (US) 
The Sound Barrier - director David Lean (UK)


Beat the Devil - director John Huston (US)
The Big Heat - director Fritz Lang (US)
The Cruel Sea - director Charles Frend (UK) 
From Here to Eternity - director Fred Zinnemann (US)
Julius Caesar - director Joseph L Mankiewicz (US)
Pickup on South Street - director Samuel Fuller (US)
The Robe - director Henry Koster (US)  
Shane - director George Stevens (US)
Stalag 17 - director Billy Wilder (US)  
Tokyo Story - director Yasujiro Ozu (Japan)
The Wages of Fear - director Henri-Georges Clouzot (Fr/Ita) 


On the Waterfront - director Elia Kazan (US) 
A Star is Born - director George Cukor (US)


The Dam Busters - director Michael Anderson (UK)
Les Diaboliques - director Henri-Georges Clouzot (France)
Marty - director Delbert Mann (US)
Picnic - director Joshua Logan (US)
Rififi - director Jules Dassin (France)
To Catch a Thief - director Alfred Hitchcock (US)


The Agony and the Ecstasy - director Carol Reed (US)
Around the World in Eighty Days - director Michael Anderson (US)
Bad Day at Black Rock - director John Sturges (US)
Moby Dick - director John Huston (US)
Reach for the Sky - director Lewis Gilbert (UK)
The Searchers - director John Ford (US)
23 Paces to Baker Street - director Henry Hathaway (US)


The Bridge on the River Kwai - director David Lean (US)
Paths of Glory - director Stanley Kubrick (US)
Sayonara - director James Logan (US)  
The Seventh Seal - director Ingmar Bergman (Sweden)
Sweet Smell of Success - director Alexander Mackendrick (US)
12 Angry Men - director Sidney Lumet (US)
Witness for the Prosecution - director Billy Wilder (US)  


The Big Country - director William Wyler (US)
Gigi - director Vincente Minnelli (US)
Touch of Evil - director Orson Welles (US)
The Vikings - director Richard Fleischer (US)


Anatomy of a Murder - director Otto Preminger (US)
Ben-Hur - director William Wyler (US)
The Diary of Anne Frank - director George Stevens (US)
The Hound of the Baskervilles - director Terence Fisher (UK)
North by Northwest - director Alfred Hitchcock (US)
The Nun's Story - director Fred Zinnemann (US)
Odds Against Tomorrow - director Robert Wise (US)
Rio Bravo - director Howard Hawks (US)
Room at the Top - director Jack Clayton (UK)
Some Like It Hot - director Billy Wilder (US)